A little can be big

Founder of JTL, John Turkington and his wife Angela, have a firm belief in giving back to the community that supports them in their business endeavours. At the heart of this belief is the notion of equity among youth.

JTL proudly supports many local schools to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to participate in sport and other extra-curricular activities. JTL is setting up a pathway programme in the forestry industry at a local school.

JTL is also a sponsor of the New Zealand women’s hockey team, the Black Sticks. They are very proud to be associated with this outstanding group of athletes and frequently have the opportunity to bring them to the schools in the District for training sessions and to share their experiences. They are also involved in supporting Hockey from Primary School to local High Schools,Representative teams and Central Hockey. John and Angela are passionate about sport and about kids.

John & Angela individually contribute their fundraising and governance experience, serving on School Boards and are involved in community projects.

John and Angela Turkington