Log Marketing

JTL is the largest supplier of logs in the southern North Island. With log sales in excess of 800,000 tonnes/annum, transactions managed by JTL.

Approximately one third of this volume is supplied to local sawmills with the remainder exported to China and Korea. Exports represent approximately 60% of New Zealand’s annual log volume. JTL continually monitors log prices and cutting strategies to ensure the highest value yield and optimum market prices. Central to achieving this is the ability to match forests to customers, according to log characteristics. Domestic or export market sales strategies are selected  on the basis of optimal return to the forest owner.

JTL also offers premium customers the opportunity to select Blend & Extend export pricing to mitigate commodity price fluctuations associated with export.


With a wood-flow in excess of 800,000 tonnes per annum, JTL is vastly experienced in harvesting operations.

We understand that all forests are different and all owners have varying requirements and offer numerous harvesting and marketing options, including:

  • Managed Sale – JTL charges a management fee for services with full transparency across all costs and revenues
  • Stumpage Sale – the forest owner receives a set rate per tonne for all logs felled and removed
  • Cutting/Forestry Right – JTL purchases the forest block, standing, with a pre agreed period in which harvesting must be completed.

We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each option to ensure the outcome that bests suits our clients’ situation. With over 20 harvesting crews on its books, JTL can also provide a crew best suited to the demands of the site. As standard practice, JTL is happy to manage a tender process around for roading and earth-works associated with a given project. Tenders are reviewed with the client forest representative prior to selection. All roading constructed will comply with the New Zealand Forest Owners Association Environ-mental Code of Compliance, and the New Zealand Forest Road Engineering Manual. Copies of these documents are available on request.

Log marketing
Forest Management

Forest Management

JTL provides a comprehensive and customised management plan for all types and scales of production forests to suit corporate, foreign or non-local owners.

Key aspects of management plans include:

  • Forming a forest regime to match terrain, soil types, location and owner preferences
  • Highly detailed mapping and stand records
  • Operational management (pruning, thinning, releasing etc) and quality control
  • Optimised harvesting and marketing solution
  • Monitoring and maintaining roading infrastructure
  • Maintain relations with neighbours and affected parties, including iwi and local government
  • Security and fire control
  • Permitted public access for recreation or hunting
  • Apiary management and access
  • Forest health monitoring and corrective action
  • Comprehensive budgeting and reporting to suit the forest owners requirements.


Key to a successful forest investment is ensuring that initial establishment is undertaken to match the terrain and soil types, quality of seedlings, as well your desired outcomes.

JTL’s breadth and depth of experience in forest establishment will ensure your venture is established professionally and in accordance with industry best practice.

Our establishment services include:

  • Pre-plant spray
  • Sourcing appropriate GF rating seedlings
  • Planting
  • Post-planting Quality Control
  • Release Spraying
  • Pest control
  • Security fencing/gates
Forest Valuations

Forest Valuations

JTL provides a complete forest valuation forest valuation service for forest sale or purchase or insurance purposes.

Valuations include:

  • Recoverable volume per hectare
  • Confirmation of forested area and mapping
  • Estate and harvest planning including a modelled cashflow and cut plan for larger forests
  • Discounted or appreciated cashflows
  • Legal access
  • Estimated log grade out-turn
  • General forest health and suitability for intended purpose
  • Appropriate market locations and volumes
  • Cartage costs
  • Harvesting and roading costs
  • Available infrastructure
  • Compliance issues
  • Archaeological or Waahi Tapu concerns

Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

JTL has had extensive experience with the Emissions Trading Scheme since the programme was initiated and can provide complete coverage of all facets of the ETS with the emphasis on providing a positive and optimal ETS solution return to your situation.

Services include:

  • Post 1989 registration including mapping and confirmation of compliant land
  • Opening Emissions Unit Register for storing of Carbon Credits (NZU’s)
  • Subsequent Annual or Mandatory returns
  • Land/forest ownership transfer
  • Change in land use for pre-1990
  • Deregistration of Post 1989
  • Calculation and monitoring of ‘liable’ and ‘non-liable’ carbon credits
  • Buy and sell carbon credits
Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)